A man jailed for smashing another man across the back of the head with a piece of wood had previously done time for his part in a violent home invasion.

After the latest violent attack, Tangaroa Samuels, 22, was jailed last month for nine years and six months on a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Shane Lemon in Otangarei on January 8 this year.

Samuels hit Lemon across the back of the head, causing him to collapse on the concrete driveway. When he fell, Lemon's head struck the concrete driveway and he began convulsing.

The latest medical report in March said Lemon could walk only with the help of a frame and he had trouble recognising his daughters.


He will need long-term care and Judge Duncan Harvey said during sentencing that as far as being an active male, Lemon's life was over.

The Northern Advocate can now reveal Samuels had previously been jailed for a violent home invasion involving a machete on his sister's former partner, Tamati Reihana. A 14-year-old boy was knocked unconscious during the attack.

That attack on Tamati Reihana took place after his relationship with Ramarie Paku, 26, finished towards the end of 2011 and he moved in with a new partner in Mill Rd, Whangarei.

Paku and her siblings Peramari Anania, 22, Marcus Samuels, 21, Maxine Samuels, 22, Netisha Samuels, 20, and Tangaroa Samuels, who was then aged 19, pleaded guilty to two charges of injuring with intent to injure and one of injuring with reckless disregard.

After a confrontation between Paku and Reihana on November 8, 2011, she and her siblings went to the Mill Rd address, entered a bedroom where Reihana and his new partner were and set upon them.

A machete, gas bottle and fists were used on the couple. The 14-year-old who heard the commotion tried to intervene and was knocked out.

Netisha Samuels was jailed for two years and four months and Tangaroa Samuels two years and two months.

Anania and Maxine Samuels were each jailed for two years and 11 months.


Paku and Marcus Samuels got two years and eight months. On a charge of possession of cannabis, Marcus Samuels was sentenced to a further six months' jail.