Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule says he has met with one of the families who lost a loved one after the Havelock North water contamination, and hopes to meet others in the coming days.

Three people died during or after the outbreak, and although their deaths were not considered to have been caused by the bacteria, they were found to have campylobacter in their systems.

Mr Yule said the family he met with following the release of the Havelock North Water Inquiry findings was grateful for the opportunity to talk.

"The family was grateful that I had taken the time to be upfront and explain what the inquiry found. I explained the findings in-depth as all they knew was what they had seen from the media.


"I said it was a tragic thing that happened - there were a number of failings from a number of organisations but no one person or organisation was responsible and that was quite a lot of closure for them."

He said it was challenging to front up to them, but that it was the right thing to do.

"There was a little bit of anger with one family when I first saw them but that soon dissipated after we talked.

"Naturally they are concerned and vitally interested in what happened and I will keep talking to them if they want that."

He said the contact details for the other families were being located and he hoped he may catch up with them in the next few days.