Air New Zealand's Mother's Day video has gone viral, with almost 1.5 million people watching it since Tuesday.

The video features children sharing moments from flights they have taken with their mums.

"I used your handbag as a spew bag," said one child.

"I screamed the whole flight long," another little girl proclaimed.


The video also mentions "frantic toilet runs, crotches sloshed with wine and every onboard moment when mothers really shine".

"Coz flying with kids ain't easy, it tests the strongest bond."

The video has had 900,000 views in China alone.

"The airline is celebrating Mother's Day with a warm-hearted take on the inflight moments when mums really shine," said Air New Zealand spokeswoman Jodi Williams.

"Many parents will be familiar with the juggling act and challenges that can come with travelling with young ones and one of our key roles is to make the journey as smooth as possible whenever families fly with us.

"We're delighted so many people have enjoyed our Mother's Day message so far and we hope all mums enjoy their special day on Sunday."