The Playboy model who scaled Mt Taranaki to take a naked photo at the summit has lashed out at critics telling them "Maori are not indigenous".

Jaylene Cook was criticised by Maori academics for her nude stunt who argued the photo was culturally insensitive and disrespected the sacred mountain.

But now the argument has spilled over to social media, where Cook took aim at one critic on Instagram.

Instagram user @maorimermaid took offence to Cook's naked photo, writing: "Hey Jaylene, would you do a nude photo shoot at a church or a war memorial, or do you only like to disrespect indigenous sacred sites? Hope your five mins of fame was worth the curses that will haunt you for life."


Cook then made a baffling claim, telling @maorimermaid: "Lol. Get a clue before you jump on the bandwagon. Maori are NOT indigenous you ignorant twat."

@maorimermaid hit back: "Really? You think Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand? You really fit the stereotype that models are not intelligent."

@maorimermaid then took a screenshot of their conversation before making a post with the caption: "Jaylene Cook's real opinion about Maori's".

However, just a week ago Cook defended her decision to go nude saying her and her partner did their research on the history and cultural beliefs around Mt Taranaki before hiking to the summit.

Jaylene Cook said that Maori are not indigenous. Photo / Instagram / @maorimermaid
Jaylene Cook said that Maori are not indigenous. Photo / Instagram / @maorimermaid

"There was nowhere that we read or were told that it was a bad thing to do, and we believe that it still wasn't. We see nudity as art and pure and natural," she told Newstalk ZB's Larry Williams.

"I respect everyone's views and opinions, and I'm sorry that people felt we were being disrespectful - that was never our intention.

"We've had overwhelming support from local Maori and people from everywhere saying they're not offended at all - they love the photo, and it's encouraged them to embrace their bodies as well."

Cook was given the title of Playmate after she was featured in Playboy Mexico in January. She was born in New Zealand but lives on the Gold Coast in Australia.