An Auckland bar's Facebook post which advertised a meal deal and accompanied it with the photo of an Orthodox Jew saying "now that's a bargain" has been removed.

The post was put up on De Post Belgian Beer Cafe's Facebook page on Saturday morning advertising a platter and drinks for $45 deal. It was accompanied by a photo of an Orthodox Jew with the words "Now that's ... a bargain."

New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman told the Herald it reinforced racial stereotypes, which the council would like people to think about before they post.

"It's not grossly offensive or something we are going to jump up and down about ... We would prefer it wasn't there, but we are not going to jump up and down about."


However Goodman admitted the other posts the council came across associating Orthodox Jews were more offensive than the Mt Eden bar's post.

"You can't be overly sensitive about some of these issues either."

Goodman was pleased to hear the company had reacted so promptly to concerns and had removed the post this afternoon.

The post was initially emailed in by a Herald reader who also found it offensive. The image was sourced from online Meme website

De Post director Mike Jennings apologised for the post and send there was no intention to offend anyone as De Post was a multi-cultural business. The post was removed as soon as management was made aware of it.

"From our point of view right now, an inexperienced person has made that post, it has been caught up with quickly and it has been dealt with quickly."

He said the company would now work with its team to make it more aware of every person in the community and how may things might be perceived.

The bar had not received any complaints directly in regards to the post, he said. ​