Three Te Hiku iwi and Parengarenga Incorporation have filed claims for the coastline in their rohe.

It's under the umbrella of a claim for the customary rights of New Zealand's foreshore and seabeds on behalf of all Maori, lodged by New Zealand Maori Council co-chairman Maanu Paul last week.

The application was filed under the Marine and Coastal Area Act, for customary rights to New Zealand's entire coast, foreshore and waters. On Tuesday Ngai Takoto, Ngati Kuri, Ngati Kahu and Parengarenga Inc advertised their claims in the Northland Age.

All four claims are for recognition of customary marine title and protected customary rights in the common marine and coastal area described in each application, from mean high water mark to the 12-mile territorial limit.


Mr Paul said those who thought the claims were designed to accrue monetary gain were ignorant.

"We want to set the rules and regulations that apply to the way our foreshore and seabed are is utilised," he said.

"These ships from overseas coming with all these bugs and they wreck our kaimoana. We need to protect the sanctity of the waters of our foreshore and seabed.

"Will we establish rules that stop the dumping tonnes of meth on the shores of Northland and around the country? Yes we will. Will we stop everybody's right to go fishing? No. Will we stop oil fracking? Yes."

Customary rights are cited by Ngai Takoto and Parengarenga Inc as including fishing, taking kuaka, seeding and harvesting shellfish, along with activities related to spiritual practices, such as rahui, planting and cultivating plants in coastal marine wet margins, gathering edible and aquatic plants, extracting minerals for non-commercial purposes, collecting hangi stones and natural resources for various purposes.

Ngati Kuri's claim seeks protection of a comprehensive range of customary rights, including any and all kaitiakitanga rights, 'as affirmed under the Treaty of Waitangi and internationally recognised indigenous people's human rights, consistent with evidence previously presented to the Waitangi Tribunal and the tribunal's subsequent findings reflecting Ngati Kuri rights concerning our tikanga, history and traditions'.

Ngati Kahu seeks an order for customary marine title and protected customary practices rights.

Ngai Takoto's claim extends from Ahipara to Hukatere, across to Rarawa Beach and south to Rangaunu Harbour and Kaimaumau.

Parengarenga Inc's claim extends from Te Arai to the mouth of the Waitaiki Stream, north from Te Karaka Stream to Te Karo, and on the west coast from Wairahi Stream, along Tokerau (Great Exhibition Bay), north to Pingaoroa at the southern boundary of Te Kokota Spit, including part of Parengarenga Harbour.

Ngati Kuri's claim extends from Maunga Tohoraha (Mt Camel) to Hukatere, north-west to Motuapao, across to Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga) and east to Murimotu, including Manawatawhi (the Three Kings Islands) and Rangitahua (the Kermadecs).

Ngati Kahu's claim extends from Te Whatu (Berghan's Point) and Rangaunu Harbour to the 12-mile limit, including all islands.