Motorists have been left puzzled after their SatNav devices sent them to the yet to be opened Waterview tunnel connection.

Newstalk ZB's Jason Winstanley said he'd been experiencing the issue after he updated his TomTom earlier this month.

"It started a couple of weeks ago when it started directed me to go towards the new motorway, which isn't open yet," he said.

"It told me to go towards the motorway, but then I'd drive off and eventually it'd correct itself. I obviously couldn't go there but continued on the way I knew to go to work.

"I'm guessing the mistake was in one of the new map updates."

TomTom said it had been notified of the issue and was working to get it fixed in the next update.

"We were notified that the opening of the Waterview Connection tunnel had been delayed after the release of our latest map update," marketing manager and spokeswoman Paris Touma said.

"We are in the process of proactively contacting all customers who have downloaded this map release and have subscribed to receive communications from us.

TomTom users will need to update their maps to get reliable up-to-date information, she said.

"This issue has been rectified in our next map release and our customer care team have also been briefed on this issue so they can assist customers as efficiently as possible."

The navigation issue is another consequence of the Waterview Connection's ongoing delay. It was scheduled to be finished in early 2017, but was pushed back to April. However, it remains closed.

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Auckland highways manager Brett Gliddon said the tunnel is expected to open within the next two months.