A man was discharged without conviction after he admitted assaulting his son, but he was found guilty at trial of breaching a protection order.

The 47-year-old was granted permanent name suppression by Judge John Strettel in the Queenstown District Court on Wednesday on the grounds publication would negatively affect his children.

In the discharge application, the man's protection order breach was found proven at his trial in January.

He was caught loitering near the home of his estranged wife and their children between June 9 and 12, 2016.


He admitted assaulting his son by placing his hand around the boy's throat and digging his fingernails into his forehead.

Counsel Louise Denton said the defendant was drinking heavily at the time of the assault, and lost his temper after two of the children began squabbling.

He was also dealing with the separation from his wife and was ''in a bad place'' mentally.

The defendant, who had lost a job as a result of the charges, was remorseful and had voluntarily undergone counselling and attended a course for his alcohol and anger issues.

Judge Strettel said the defendant was abusive and violent towards his son after a ''loss of control and patience''.

But the assault was a ''one-off'', and the man's son did not require medical treatment for his injuries.

Assaulted bar manager

Sophie Alexandra Newbegin, 32, a shop assistant, admitted assaulting bar manager Eilis Dowling on November 13, 2015, and a charge of assaulting the bar's security doorman, Jack Dent, with intent to injure him was found proven at her trial in January.

Judge Strettel said Newbegin was ejected from the bar when she became intoxicated at an end-of-year work function.


While remonstrating with Dowling, Newbegin struck her in the face, causing Dent to intervene and be assaulted as well.

Judge Strettel said he considered Newbegin's discharge application cautiously because the resort's hospitality workers were often assaulted by drunk patrons and needed to be protected.

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