Three days before Anzac Day, members of the Gisborne RSA voted to remove the branch's entire executive in a meeting that culminated in police being called.

The vote went down on Saturday night at an extraordinary general meeting called by members after the association failed to pay an employee $9000 after cutting her hours and making her reapply for her job.

The stated objectives included electing a new chairman and "the immediate removal" from office of the entire executive committee in the wake of "pressing and serious extenuating circumstances".

Gisborne RSA interim chairman Darryl Higgins said ​there was a large turnout for the "fruitful" meeting and more details of the changes would be revealed after Anzac Day.


Police were called to the RSA in response to an altercation that developed after the special meeting.

A police spokesman said earlier this week the RSA was closed down pending a resolution of the altercation.

Last October, the Employment Relations Authority ordered the branch to pay $3026 in wages, and $6000 in compensation for humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to feelings to an employee.

The ERA found her hours of work had been cut from 40 hours a week to 30 and she was made to reapply for her job in an unlawful restructuring process.

The ERA also determined the RSA had issued an unjustified warning to the female employee, and again when it issued a final warning.

It was also ordered to reinstate her to 40 hours a week "with immediate effect". It should also remove the warnings from the employee's record and reinstate her sick leave.

But last month, ERA member James Crichton noted that the RSA had "failed absolutely" to pay any money within the determined 28-day period.

Crichton further ordered that outstanding sums be paid within 14 days of his determination dated March 22.


The Gisborne RSA this week quickly moved to quash rumours that a change in leadership would affect today's Anzac Day commemorations.

All official planned events were to go ahead as normal, Higgins said.

- Gisborne Herald