Police are appealing to the public after a series of suspicious fires in Dunedin.

On April 15 police were conducting patrols in the St Kilda area in relation to previous fires when they came across a house on fire near the intersection of Moreau and Richardson Sts.

Flames from a wheelie bin set on fire near a house on Richardson St had spread to the wooden weatherboards of the property and the side of the house was well ablaze according to police.

The occupants were alerted to the fire and safely evacuated, before the fire was controlled with extinguishers.


The Fire Service was called and fully put out the blaze.

On April 12 a commercial bus was gutted by fire in Dunedin and police are also investigating two car fires from the weekend of April 8 and 9.

The cars in Jackson St and Bird St appeared to have been set on fire on the Friday night or early Saturday morning, according to police.

The cars were parked near the Ocean Beach Hotel close to where an Atomic Shuttles bus burnt on Wednesday night.