A second earthquake has jolted Hawke's Bay this evening.

More than 1000 people, mostly in Napier and Hastings, reported feeling a quake at just after 5.30pm - registered as a 4.6 magnitude.

GeoNet reports the quake struck 30km southeast of Hastings at 5.32pm. The quake was classed as "moderate" and was at a depth of 26km.

Elsa Ironside, who lives near Waipawa, said the quake felt like a "short, sharp jolt".


Mark Newlyn said the jolt came "out of nowhere . . . so much I thought the glass was going to break". He has noticed a new crack appear by the front door.

Just after 9.20pm another earthquake struck Hawke's Bay, this one with a magnitude of 3.6, revised down from 3.8.

Geonet reports the "light" quake also struck 30km southeast of Hastings, and at a depth of 23km.

Wikitoria Turner felt both quakes in the Hastings suburb of Akina. She described the first as "a very sharp jolt then the house swayed for about two minutes" while the second was "wobbly" and lasted about 30 seconds.