A temporary accommodation service has been set up to help Edgecumbe residents affected by the town's recent flooding disaster.

Lead minister for Edgecumbe Anne Tolley and Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith announced today the activation of the Temporary Accommodation Service to help Edgecumbe victims.

Mrs Tolley said the Government was still assessing the damage to know how many homes would need to be replaced and how many repaired "but it is clear assistance will be required for a significant number of families for temporary accommodation".

Dr Smith said the service team would collect registrations from displaced people who required temporary accommodation, establish what accommodation options were available and connect them.


"The service has proved very successful in the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes, and the level of damage and displacement justifies us establishing this new service in Edgecumbe," he said.

"I urge anyone who has a current or expected need following the Edgecumbe floods to register their details at www.temporaryaccommodation.mbie.govt.nz. Alternatively, call 0800 779 997 to discuss your requirements.

"I would also urge tenants and landlords of rental properties to visit www.tenancy.govt.nz to familiarise themselves with their tenancy rights and obligations following an event like this."

The service continues to provide support to households in Kaikoura and the surrounding regions following the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. It received 128 registrations from households there. The same team also helped more than 6500 households affected by the Canterbury earthquakes find temporary accommodation, more than 1100 of which were in government-established villages.

"This is the first step in providing assistance," said Dr Smith.

"We are working with councils and other agencies on exploring options for emergency and temporary housing and the information obtained from this new service will help inform future decisions on the most appropriate support required."