The number of cases of typhoid in Auckland has gone up to 20.

There is also one probable case still being investigated, according to the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

The number of cases has gone up steadily over the past two weeks - since it was first brought to light publicly.

All those confirmed to have typhoid fever are connected to the same church group, the Mt Albert Samoan Assembly of God congregation. The group held its weekly services at the Wesley Primary School in Mt Roskill.


"The two newly confirmed cases are asymptomatic contacts who were identified as part of the ongoing Auckland Regional Public Health Service investigation into the outbreak,'' a statement said today.

"Following testing, they have now been reclassified as confirmed cases.''

The ARPHS says so far, there is no evidence that anyone from outside the congregation has contracted the disease.

The news follows the death of a 52-year-old woman; whose death from typhoid was only confirmed to the family and publicly last Tuesday - a day after her funeral.

She had died in Auckland City Hospital about a week earlier.