Financial support for a Stokes Valley vet, who is in tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt, has turned into a glowing memento.

Ian Hughes has owned the Stokes Valley Veterinary Clinic for 34 years.

Last year he was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and after a life of putting the health of animals before their owners ability to pay, he now needs money for his own care.

More than $40,000 has been donated to a Givealittle page set up for Hughes and more than 900 people have left messages of support and shared memories of the times he saved their adored pets.


His stepdaughter, Vicky Roebuck, said Hughes could not believe how people remembered him.

"He was just overwhelmed, he just couldn't believe that all these people, whether he treated their pets 6 months ago or 25 months ago, remembered him. The stories are so detailed and most people have donated in the name of their pets, so he knows pretty much all of them."

People from around the country have recognised Hughes for his work with animals.

The donations range from $1000 to $5.

One 8-year-old girl gave her pocket money for the week to Hughes, a man she had never met before.

Roebuck said the money donated so far would pay off up to half of the clinic's debt.

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would get the response that we have, it has just taken such a huge burden off them [Hughes] from a worry and a stress point of view, it's amazing."

"It's going to help a lot. The awareness that it has raised has dragged some people out of the woodwork to pay up too."