A Kiwi cop has managed to get across an important road safety message by belting out one of the 70s' funkiest jams.

The unnamed officer was filmed singing a Kiwi-style remix of Earth, Wind & Fire's popular September, reminding people to stay safe on the roads this Easter weekend.

"We really want you to have Easter time with your whanau, so when you are travelling this Easter, make sure everyone's buckled up,'' he sings.

"When you are driving, please drive to the road conditions - and it's also important to remember when you're tired, have a break.


"Now remember, it's not a race this Easter,'' he belts out.

"We just want you safe, just remember - listen to what we say."

The video was posted on Facebook yesterday by Central District Police. It has been viewed more than 3000 times and shared thousands of times.

The clip ends with the officer singing "Ba de ya, ba de ya" and giving a thumbs-up, before a message pops up reading: "Drive safely this Easter.''

Last year, four people were killed on New Zealand roads during the Easter period.

Two were drivers, one a passenger and the fourth was killed when he collided with a car as he was longboarding down Maungakotukutuku Rd, near Paraparaumu.

The official Easter Holiday Period starts at 4pm on Thursday and ends at 6am next Tuesday.