A Christchurch property developer has been fined after an incident involving a protected marsupial in Western Australia.

The Perth Magistrates Court on March 20 accepted evidence 37-year-old Bevan Hames placed a quokka in the water and that it safely swam to shore unharmed. It had initially been claimed Hames threw the quokka off a jetty at Rottnest Island into the water.

The ABC reports Hames was given a spent conviction - which can in future be legally ignored - after pleading guilty to animal cruelty in the Perth's Magistrate Court last month.

He was also fined $A2000.


Hames has a degree in zoology from Canterbury University.

The ABC reports the court was told Hames apologised for and regretted the ill-treatment of the animal, and had a "proven passion for animals and animal welfare".

A previous report on this court appearance was incorrect. We apologise to Bevan Hames and his family for the error.