A record breaking 5,000 people went along to Life Flight Trust's open day in scorching hot weather in Wellington today.

Children got a chance to look inside Life Flight Trust's helicopter cockpit, take pictures and watch it do a practice winch until duty called and the helicopter was whisked away.

While this meant the winner of a helicopter ride had to postpone her flight, it also gave those attending an example of what they were supporting.

More than a dozen emergency services attended the event, including the New Zealand Defence Force with its bomb disposal robot, which a few lucky kids were able to control.


The police stole the show with their 9-week-old puppy called Taylor, who was a hit with children and adults alike.

Life Flight Trust's communication manger Terri Rosenstock said people enjoyed themselves.

"There's been really great feedback, people were really excited and It was just an amazing
show of support for Life Flight."

Life Flight Trust acting chief executive Ian Pirie said some of the money raised would be used for upskilling staff and technical upgrades.

He said crews were getting ready for better equipment to transport some of the region's tiniest humans.

"The hospital foundation and the DHB have bought new incubators for the babies that we carry around so we're changing our equipment to carry those incubators, that's a big project at the moment."

Pirie said people who donated money at the open day would not necessarily use Life Flight's services but the trust was still meaningful to them.

"Most of them know somebody that has or will know somebody that will use our services so that's why they support it because they jolly well know that there will be somebody who will touch their lives who we've helped."