Warm, sunny weather will remain in most parts of the country this weekend, although a front emerges over the South Island on Saturday.

The front will bring rain to the South Island's West Coast and a few showers to Christchurch, Wellington, Hawke's Bay and Gisborne on Saturday, but everywhere else will get away with a few cloudy patches.

MetService meteorologist April Clark said as autumn had begun to settle in, cooler temperatures could be expected in the mornings as daylight hours decrease.

Aucklanders woke to 12C today, a few degrees colder than the city has been experiencing over summer.


However, the rain will stay away for the rest of the week at least, allowing areas saturated by recent storms to continue to dry off.

Auckland can expect temperatures around 23C and 24C this weekend with areas of cloud at times.

Hamilton will remain around 24C, and Wellington will get hit by the tail of the front that hits the West Coast, hitting 20C tomorrow before dropping to 17C on Saturday.

However, the showers will be a distant memory by late morning on Sunday.

It will be hot in Christchurch tomorrow with a sweltering 28C. Clark said temperatures usually skyrocket the day before a front arrives. It will then drop dramatically to about 17C and there will be occasional showers on Saturday before it picks up to a high of 19C on Sunday, which should be mostly fine.

Dunedin will be similar, but won't get so hot tomorrow, rather be a solid 20C before also dropping to 17C. Showers clear by the afternoon.