People are being advised to avoid New Lynn due to the risk of unstable buildings following the recent flash floods in the area.

The Fire Service has tweeted Capsian Close foot bridge is to be closed.

"Public urged to avoid New Lynn area - due to risks of unstable building #BREAKING."

Earlier, a number of people were trapped in floodwater in New Lynn.


The Fire Service tweeted that the rescue of "multiple people" who were trapped in floodwater was under way.

The Fire Service later confirmed all people were rescued from the floodwaters at the intersection of Great North Road and Clark St in New Lynn, West Auckland.


It said a total of 10 people have been rescued.

Crew are searching nearby buildings in New Lynn for anyone else that might be trapped.

Juliette Veber, 43, said flooding in New Lynn at the intersection of Clark St and Great North Rd was "completely shocking".

"It's like a lake, like a massive lake."

The documentary maker is trying to reach her Sunnyvale house by car with her two young children, Coco, 5, and Rocky, 3, who were both excited by the intense flooding event.

The Fire Service said a total of 10 people have been rescued from New Lynn. Photo / via video
The Fire Service said a total of 10 people have been rescued from New Lynn. Photo / via video

But Veber said Great North Rd was completely blocked, with emergency workers directing queues of traffic.

"We couldn't get that close because it's all shut off. There's police and firemen out there. All the roads are shut. But all we could see, it looked like a reservoir in the middle of the road. It was completely shocking."

Veber, who is making her way from Mt Albert, said all the other roads were fine but she was now concerned about what she would find when she returned home.

"I hope the house isn't flooded."

West Auckland has been hit the hardest during the third storm of the week.

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The number of homes flooded include: Avondale: 20, Glen Eden: 65, Henderson: 30, West Harbour: 10, Titirangi: 43 and Te Atatu: 8.