A British couple caught in the nasty smash near Whanganui which left six people injured have reached out to the city they are recovering in.

Valerie and Ed Fielder were travelling in the Britz motorhome they had named Britney on Saturday when a car travelling towards them crashed into their vehicle on a corner.

Their motorhome was tipped down a bank by the force of the collision on State Highway 3 between Mission Road and Wicksteed Road.

The couple both suffered injuries but they were not major.


And they have been blown away by the care and kindness shown to them.

In a letter to the Chronicle they wrote: "We have been deeply touched by, and most grateful for the care and help that we have received from everyone that we have met in your lovely town.

"We are recovering well and will soon be on our way again. We wish to thank you all; the emergency services, the police officers (who could not have been more helpful) and all those at your excellent hospital, especially the staff in the emergency department and surgical ward, the staff at i-Site and at the Kingsgate Hotel where we have been recovering.

"Thanks also to the council worker who found our phone and brought it to our hotel.

"Finally, thank you to those who stopped to help and reassure us at the scene of the accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the occupants of the other vehicle and their families."

Ed said they didn't know what caused the crash and were very aware several young people from the other car were still recovering in hospital.

"They are still in a critical condition."

The couple had been told they were not at fault, he said.


The Fielders from Buckinghamshire were on an eight-week tour of New Zealand and had been in Whanganui several days.

"In the crash I was braking and the van folded round my leg" said Ed, who remains on crutches.

"There is bruising on the foot and leg and one larger cut. A wad of material from the van penetrated my left leg through to the knee joint."

Valerie received a blow to her head and a cut that needed stitches.

The force of the impact cracked the motorhome axle. Much of the gear and clothing they had in the van was strewn over the road.

"A police officer took me out three times to look for items," said Valerie. "It was things like that which really helped.

"I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine for Ed. I walked there but someone in the pharmacy asked if I wanted a lift back.

"Every single person has been friendly."

The Fielders were due to head off to Pipiriki yesterday afternoon in their replacement van.