Children leaving the Hunua Falls Camp due to heavy rain and flooding today were helped by police, the army, civil defence - even a Cabinet Minister.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has a 9-year-old daughter at Northcote Primary and arrived at the camp this morning for his scheduled parent-helper duty, to it was being evacuated following heavy rain the area.

"I got there and everything was in order and they were getting ready to move people out. The army turned up with some trucks, and they had police and civil defence on the ground," Coleman told the Herald.

Jonathan Coleman has a 9-year-old daughter at Northcote Primary, who was attending Camp Adair. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Jonathan Coleman has a 9-year-old daughter at Northcote Primary, who was attending Camp Adair. Photo / Mark Mitchell

About 150 children and 25 adults were removed from the camp. The students were in good spirits, Coleman said.


"The teachers and the adults there were excellent. Although they were never in danger there was a river right beside the camp which was rapidly rising.

"So it was important to get the road unblocked and people out. Because I think the forecast is for the weather to actually get worse over the next 24 hours.

"Although there was always higher ground there for them to move to they would be out in the open and completely drenched. You know, you don't want to take any risks around that."

Coleman's National colleague and MP for Hunua, Andrew Bayly, said he was in regular contact with emergency services in the area.

In the Hunua area there were 180 people, including parents, at the YMCA Camp Adair who had now been safely moved out of the area.

In Clevedon, the fire brigade had 12 callouts since midnight.

"They have removed the police car that was submerged, but there is another car that is apparently submerged. Wairoa River is the real issue because it is so swollen. The rain tonight makes that a real issue, there is extensive flooding down that Wairoa River area."

In Maraetai/Beachlands, Bayly said the fire brigade had received 30 calls since midnight. The Maraetai Coast Road is closed because of landslips.


Kawakawa Bay was currently landlocked, with the road to Clevedon and to Orere Point closed. The only access is by helicopter or boat.

Orere Point is also landlocked, because of road closures. Bayly said he had spoken to Auckland Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, who is currently landlocked in his Orere Point home.

"Overall, the police and fire brigades have all indicated no one has been hurt or any substantial damage, but there are extensive landslips. The thing about it is what will happen tonight."