The trial for Rhys Warren, who was allegedly at the centre of an armed stand-off with police at Onepu near Kawerau, is continuing at Hamilton High Court today in front of just 11 jurors.

Justice Timothy Brewer this morning discharged a woman juror because she said she had a connection with one of the policeman involved.

The trial will now be heard by seven women and four men.

Warren is charged with two counts of attempted murder, one of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and three counts of using a firearm against a law enforcement officer.


The Crown says Warren was at the centre of an armed 22-hour stand-off with police at a farmhouse in Onepu, about 9km away from Kawerau on March 9 last year.

He allegedly shot Constables Regan Mauheni, Damian White and Andrew Flinn and Sergeant Logan Marsh at the property.

Opening statements by Crown prosecutors Aaron Perkins and Nathan Batts, as well as Warren who is defending himself, are expected to be heard today. Ron Mansfield has been appointed as the court-assisted counsel.

A jury of eight women and four men were sworn in yesterday but did not hear any evidence because of lengthy legal arguments.