Pair posed as hospital staff and school visitors to steal doctors’ and teachers’ credit cards.

A couple posing as hospital staff and school visitors stole credit cards from doctors and teachers before going on a $50,000 spending spree over seven months.

Rose Te Raumahi Hira dressed up in theatre scrubs at Waikato Hospital to steal the cards and together with her accomplice Adam Matthew Deed, spent up large on jewellery, smartphones, appliances, clothing, and computers.

They used the same pattern to fool staff at several Auckland schools, walking on to school grounds posing as visitors, to steal credit cards from unsuspecting teachers.

Deed - who at the time was Hira's partner of 13 years - also stole an antique diamond ring worth $10,000 from the owners of an inn and a laptop from a school.


In all the couple, who have four children together, targeted two hospitals - one twice - and six schools including Saint Kentigern College twice.

Their modus operandi has not changed in nine years after they faced charges in 2008 for similar thefts, then from dementia wards in rest homes where the elderly victims were either asleep or had hearing or vision impairments.

Hira, 32, was jailed for two years and two months for the dishonesty offences in June last year, after the 2015 crime spree.

At her sentencing at the Manukau District Court Judge Richard McIlraith told Hira it was unfortunate she was in jail with four children under 14 being looked after by her mother-in-law.

He called the offending "serious" and said "I sincerely hope that in the final time you have in prison you continue to reflect on what you did...".

Deed, 37, appeared in the Papakura District Court on Thursday and has pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and 10 charges of using a document for pecuniary advantage.

The most recent offending began on January 13, 2015 when Deed bought $66 worth of cigarettes in Takapuna using a credit card stolen from a worker at North Shore Hospital.

At Waikato Hospital on February 4 Hira walked into the hospital unnoticed and slipped into theatre scrubs, a source close to the investigation said.

She made her way into an administration area, gaining entry through an unlocked door, a hospital spokeswoman confirmed to the Herald.

After taking a doctor's credit card, she then went with Deed to a central Hamilton shopping mall and spent more than $14,000 on the card in less than two hours.

As Hira bought thousands of dollars' worth of goods she remained in the scrubs, telling shop assistants she was a surgeon, according to a source close to the investigation.

On March 9 the credit card of a teacher at Buckland Primary School was taken from her handbag in a classroom and $414 was spent on it.

Nine days later they stole the credit card of a teacher at Pukekohe Hill School, buying a $599 laptop.

A week after another credit card was stolen from a teacher's handbag, at Puni School in Pukekohe and $3029 was spent on an iPhone and jewellery.

"At about 2pm the victim received a phone call from the Westpac Bank alerting her to large purchases that had just been made on her Westpac credit card while she was at work and which she had not authorised," a police Summary of Facts stated.

On April 8 the couple went back to Waikato Hospital and stole another credit card from an administration area.

They spent $3414 on the card, despite Deed being recognised by a shop assistant at Stewart Dawsons jewellery store.

"The cashier notified security. The defendant quickly left the store when security arrived," the summary of facts read.

A further $1838 at another shop was declined.

On April 24 they struck at Mt Eden Normal Primary School, taking a teacher's credit card and spending almost $2700.

The summary of facts added that on June 15 at Wakaaranga Primary School in Half Moon Bay, "[Deed] rummaged through the classroom cupboards and drawers when he was disturbed by some of the school children".

Unperturbed he took a teacher's credit card from her handbag and later made purchases on it.

On July 3 the couple made their way into a teacher's office at Saint Kentigern College, stealing his credit card. They spent more than $10,000 including $226 on KFC.

Three days later Deed was found wandering around a Pukekohe inn by the owners.

"[Deed] engaged with the victims about wanting to hold a function in one of their function rooms at the inn," the summary of facts read.

"Shortly after Deed left ... the victims noticed that personal items had been taken from their flat, which is attached to the accommodation unit."

They included a credit card and $10,000 diamond ring.

On July 24 the couple went back to Saint Kentigern and walked across the school grounds during interval into an open classroom where they stole a $2000 laptop.

A sentencing date for Deed is unscheduled while Hira remains in jail.

Outside court Deed declined to comment other to say he was no longer with Hira.

A Waikato Hospital spokeswoman said improved security included a new spy hole in the door Hira accessed.