An alleged "smooth-talking" 45-year-old man has been arrested and items in a theft returned to victims after a burglary of a Hamilton motel.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant William Loughrin said Waikato police received information from members of the public after releasing CCTV footage of the incident on Thursday.

Motel owner Mark Nolan earlier told the Herald a man convinced their receptionist that a guest had nearly been abducted and he was there to retrieve her belongings, allegedly taking everything from the food in the fridge to family journals.

The victims, a couple who were in town on a business trip, were out when the alleged burglary took place.


Nolan said the man said the supposed "kidnapped" woman was now safe and he was there to retrieve her belongings.

He had a working key for the room, and also a note purporting to be from the supposed victim giving him permission to enter the room.

Loughrin said the man was arrested at home today.

"A search was conducted at the man's home, and a significant number of items belonging to the victims have been recovered.

"This included two journals documenting the lives of the victims' daughters, electronic items, and other luggage.

"It was great to see the local community working together to help victims and the police, for what was fortunately a successful outcome," Loughrin said.

Police were also working with the motel to help enhance their security measures, he said.