It remains unclear how a piece of freshly-skinned dog flesh ended up on Takapuna Beach on Wednesday.

Local man Brent McCarty found the skin, which he said was more than a metre long, on the beach at 7.45am.

After putting it in a rubbish bin McCarty rang a Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member, who then told Takapuna police.

Police said tonight they were yet to locate the skin and were unable to provide any updates on the investigation.


A spokesman for animal management said the organisation had no way of identifying the dog the skin had come from but the case didn't appear to be linked to any missing dogs.

The case didn't fall under the jurisdiction of council-controlled animal management because it was unrelated to the Dog Control Act, he said.

Animal management had therefore stood down from the investigation, leaving it in the hands of the police.

It was unclear whether the incident was linked to a community row over dog rights on the beach.

Last month a local residents' group complained about out-of-control dogs injuring people on the beach and began lobbying for stricter rules.

More than 50 residents gathered at the beach to debate the issue on February 3. Discussions quickly became heated as lobbyists and opponents were unable to agree on whether the daytime hours dogs were allowed on the beach should be reduced.

Dogs are currently allowed on the beach between 6pm and 10am.

Police would not be drawn on whether they were investigating if the alleged dog-skinning was linked to the issue.

But Constable Erik Bakker, of Takapuna, said police had found no evidence to suggest the skin was the result of a p​erson disgruntled with dogs.