A young Whanganui BMX rider is appealing to the thief who took his bike on Sunday morning to return it.

Ryder Hone got the Haro Shredder model BMX bike for his birthday last November and says he was getting pretty good at riding it.

The six-year-old St Anne's pupil said he was building up to doing some tricks on the bike.

"Please bring my bike back," he said.


Ryder and his family were staying at a unit behind the Kingsgate Hotel and mum Jess Hayward said the bike must have been taken while the family slept.

"We were keeping the bike inside at night but we forgot to bring it in on Saturday night she said."

Ms Hayward said they did not hear any noise during the night but the bike was missing and there were beer cans scattered near the unit on Sunday morning.

She said the bike is quite distinctive with pegs and a stand on the back and there are not likely to be many others like it in Whanganui.