Residents have described a huge early morning blast from a firework which blew the fence off a Mt Eden apartment, described as a "massive party house."

A large firework caused of big explosion in Mt Eden at around 6am, leaving a man with a serious foot injury.

Residents were woken by the blast which propelled debris onto a nearby Kingsland Train Station platform.

One neighbour said the blast was at a renowned "party house" - and the noise was so big, he went to investigate and found a shocking scene.


"I was awake when it happened. They were doing fireworks and I think the big explosion was at 6am," Oscar Buffet told the Herald.

"I went across the road as soon as it happened and the railings to the deck were scattered all over the train station. There was smoke clouding around that one apartment.

"They're always real rowdy, it's a massive party house. There were flames going, they were dumping water on it.

"I was asking if they wanted help and they just weren't responding, so I thought something was dodgy."

Police remain on this scene this afternoon investigating. IN a media release earlier today, police said "preliminary enquiries suggest the explosion came from a large firework."
An individual has serious but not life-threatening injuries to his foot and has been admitted to hospital for treatment.

Police are continuing to speak with witnesses and the individuals involved.
A spokesman said Auckland Transport was not aware of any damage to trains or platforms from the incident - with Kingsland station not in use today.

"There is scheduled maintenance on the western line today so trains have been replaced with buses, the platforms at Kingsland were not being used this morning," the spokesman said.

There was no fire or serious injuries but a man has been taken to hospital
with a foot injury.

The explosion was heard coming from an address on Sandringham Rd about 6am.

A number of residents were woken by the noise but police reassured the public that there were no ongoing safety concerns relating to the matter.

Police are speaking to all witnesses and to the individuals believed to have been involved in the incident.