A new app that aims to take the stress out of washday is set to revolutionise the way Kiwis do their laundry.

Laundromap's new on-demand dry cleaning and laundry app provides a door-to-door service for those too busy to do it for themselves.

Customers can place an order for dry-cleaning or laundry - on iOS and android - to be picked up from the home or office.

It is only available in Auckland but is expected to eventually be rolled out at cities across the country.


Much as with taxi app Uber, your smartphone will receive notifications when your order is going to be delivered, giving you a real-time map to follow it across the city.

Laundromap is the latest in a line of homegrown apps aimed at making life easier for Kiwis keen to improve their work-life balance.

"In general, we are using fewer apps than we used to but those with a localised geographic element to them are doing very well in New Zealand," technology commentator Peter Griffin said.

"The Americans seem to have an app for everything but we just don't have the population to support hundreds of apps for niche activities.

"The apps that do well here have a similar model to Laundromap in that you can narrow down local services to cater for what you need.

"For instance, if you are in town at a hotel and need a suit cleaned for a function that night, you want to know instantly what places will get it back to you on time as you just don't have the time to check all that out yourself.

"Apps have come a long way from when they first appeared and some are certainly becoming increasingly useful for Kiwis who want to make their lives that little bit easier."

As well as Laundromap, Griffin has picked four must-have New Zealand-made apps.

Given how expensive fuel is, particularly in parts of the country where Gull doesn't have a presence to keep the big players honest, Gaspy is great at letting you know the nearest, cheapest place to fill up.

The best wine app for serious wine drinkers and collectors, developed by a team in Auckland's New Lynn. Find virtually any vintage of your favourite wine, as well as prices from retailers, reviews and details about the winemaker.

A paid-for app on iPhone and Android, but at $2.59 offers a slick, add-free experience well worth the investment given the need to plan around our fickle weather.

This takes the hassle out of paying for parking and racing back to top up the meter - do it all from your phone.