Allen Inoke said he just wanted his youngest daughter home.

The Donovans Chocolates factory worker says he won't rest until little Glory is tucked up in bed.

The 5-year-old hasn't been seen since about 6.30pm yesterday, and family, friends and police have been scouring the streets around the family's home in the Hamilton suburb of Fairfield.

Inoke first noticed his daughter was missing when he started cooking his dinner at 9pm, before heading to work at 10pm.


He had returned home from volleyball training with his eldest daughter and didn't hear Glory, so asked where she was.

That's when alarm bells started ringing, as his wife Adi and their other children, who were in the Ross Cres house, thought she was with him.

"She normally tells Daddy 'are you going to work?' I normally start at 10pm and I didn't hear her say [that]."

The Rototuna Primary student had been playing with friends in the neighbourhood earlier in the day, but had not returned home.

Inoke said they were still putting the pieces together, but it appears Glory was last seen by the next door neighbours walking towards Holland Rd.

"She's always close to us. She must be scared but I'm hoping she's not hopping into any Tom, Dick and Harry car - that's a bit scary."

He said she was wary of strangers, but feared she may be tempted by a sweet treat.

Inoke said she would be on foot and told anyone her saw her that her dad just wanted her to come home.

The couple have searched their own house and neighbouring property and dozens of friends, family and strangers have been scouring the streets along with about seven police cars.

Relatives and worried neighbours gathered outside the family's home last night and Inoke set up a marquee for searchers to gather.

Hamilton parents Allen and Adi Inoke outside their Ross Cres house this morning. Photo / Belinda Feek
Hamilton parents Allen and Adi Inoke outside their Ross Cres house this morning. Photo / Belinda Feek

He too had been driving around the streets and his older sons were searching with their church youth group.

"I can't sleep without my daughter."

More family and friends are continuing to turn up this morning to help.

Glory was not at school on Tuesday because her mother had taken her and her siblings to a medical appointment, Inoke said.

A police spokeswoman said earlier Glory was believed to have walked off in the Ross Cres area.

She is described as an olive-skinned Polynesian, with curly black hair. She was wearing a grey T-shirt over a pink T-shirt and had blue trousers on.

Fairfield residents, especially those in the Ross Cres, Holland Rd or Heaphy Tce areas, were told late last night to thoroughly check their entire properties and immediate surrounding areas.

"Please call 111 immediately if you see her."

Police were door-knocking in the area and a search and rescue operation was launched late evening.

"As can be expected, the parents are distraught."