A Hamilton dairy worker who was bashed on the head with a crowbar, pushed to the floor and then dragged several metres says he is nervous and scared to be back at work.

The man, who did not want to be named, was back serving customers yesterday when the store reopened at 1pm after police finished their examinations and admitted he was scared.

However, this time at least two other staff members were working alongside him.

"I'm very nervous. I'm scared talking. I'm scared," he told the Herald.


He has a bump and a gash on the left side of his head where the crowbar whacked him and a cricket bat for protection is laying within easy reach behind the counter.

The dairy worker had been standing behind the Lotto counter at Tuhikaramea Superette in Dinsdale on Saturday night when two men barged into the shop wearing dark hoodies and masks.

A customer had just left before the pair entered so it was only the man left in the shop.

"It was around 6.40pm and two people came very fast in the shop. They both had some very sharp weapons."

The robbers ordered the man to put his hands in the air before jumping over the counter and hitting the left side of his forehead with a crowbar.

"I'm not sure if they thought I was healthier than them," the dairy worker said as to why they hit him even though he had his hands up.

The man was then told to lie on the ground and the men grabbed his legs and dragged him a couple of metres to the end of the counter.

They kept hitting him and punching him for the three minutes they were in the store, he said.


The thieves stole most of the store's cigarettes and emptied the cash register before jumping over the counter and escaping in a black Mazda Familia which had been parked up outside the store, ready to get away.

At the same time the dairy was burgled, three others in the group had entered Kiwi Liquor four doors down and were robbing it.

The staffer who was working during the robbery at the alcohol shop was not at work yesterday afternoon, but his colleague said he had not been injured.

Both robberies took about 10 minutes and by this time customers had gathered outside the shops and called 111 as the group fled.

Today customers were popping into the dairy to show their support to the shaken staff.

The entire robbery was caught on the dairy's CCTV and has been provided to police.


A stolen blue Mazda Demio parked outside Kiwi Liquor and the stolen black Mazda Familia was parked outside the dairy.

But the dairy worker said the CCTV footage clearly showed there was at least a third car, a light silver vehicle, which had dropped the group off and had been waiting further up the road.

Waikato police confirmed this afternoon they have located the blue 2006 Mazda Demio hatchback (registration DZC148) and the black 2002 Mazda Familia wagon ( ECR885), which had been stolen from Frankton and Chartwell respectively. The vehicles were undergoing forensic examination.

Toby Anderson learned his Familia, which was used in the dairy robbery, was missing at 9am on Saturday and said it had been parked outside a friend's flat opposite Chartwell Mall on Hukanui Rd.

He said the car must have been stolen between 1.30am and 4am and the thieves smashed a window to get in. Anderson still had the keys and said he had only heard it was involved in a robbery through Facebook posts. He had not heard from police.