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This is a funny rant. I was in Ponsonby picking up an item I won off Trade Me, behind me were tourists talking so loud it cracked me up! They were complaining about how the food is "ridiculously expensive". I felt like saying "well gee lady, it's expensive because you're in an expensive area eh!" but held it in. Not even I would spend that much on a salad.

- Hone
After walking the Waiheke Island sculptures, we phoned Peacock Sky winery about a GrabOne lunch deal which we then bought . After taking a bus and taxi to get to the winery, we found out the GrabOne deal started on 7th Feb so was not valid. To say we were disappointed was an understatement, however top marks for management and staff as they worked out a way to meet our needs without us paying any extra.


The food and wine were delicious but the staff were simply amazing and their "lets make this work" attitude was superb, making it a very positive experience for us and was a wonderful way to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. Thank you.

- Gail
To the blonde-haired woman who had her feet up on the seat next to me at the Takapuna movie theatre during La La Land - yuck. That was so inconsiderate.

- Kat
To the woman who helped out a visibly upset young Asian schoolgirl who was on the wrong North Shore bus this morning: it was wonderful to witness such a random act of kindness, the way you helped her get off the bus - no doubt this was not your regular stop - and take her to the stop where she could find her way back to meet her sister. In this world of selfishness and bigotry it is heart-warming to see an example of what it means to be kind and compassionate. Good on you.

- Anthony
What is Metrolink's standard when it comes to hiring bus drivers? Some of their drivers are shocking! From young to old. A young male driver slouching with one hand on the wheel and an older lady who likes to give all her customers whiplash!

- Yvonne
I made the four-hour journey from Ohope to Auckland. Surprisingly, I didn't see one person driving like a lunatic. Keep it up people.

- Ray