Two dogs involved in the fatal mauling of a pet goat on Victoria Ave more than a week ago were still being held in the Tararua District Council's pound last Friday.

Blair King, the Tararua District Council's chief executive, told the Dannevirke News animal control officers were still investigating the incident and were hoping to talk to the dogs owners.

"We have a couple of options," Mr King said. "We can apply to the court for an destruction order or in having a talk with the owners get an agreement from them for destruction."

The two dogs, a pit bull cross and a staffie, attacked Lulu, Sharon Fairhurst's pet goat while it was tethered outside her home, but Mrs Fairhurst said she wasn't angry with the dogs, rather the owners.


The council could soon have more teeth to classify dogs dangerous or menacing, with the Government intending to amend the Dog Control Act in regard to owners of high-risk dogs and infringements and offences.

The amendment will mean owners of menacing or dangerous dogs will be required to obtain a high-risk dog owner licence from their local council.

It is proposed that maximum penalties for dog attacks causing serious injury be increased and offences causing endangerment or injury would be extended to include incidents occurring on private property, not just public spaces.

Council animal control staff are continuing to seize unregistered dogs. The latest were two dogs and five puppies after their owners failed to register them.

Mr King said that, while having the support of the public, the campaign was putting pressure on the council's two dog pounds which were both full.