A gun enthusiast anticipates a boost in police numbers could lead to the recovery of more stolen property and particularly firearms.

Prime Minister Bill English's announced last week a $503 million Safer Communities package that would deliver an extra 1125 police, including 880 sworn officers, over four years.

It has not been decided where the police would be stationed but each region had been promised more staff.

Whangarei man Phil Cregeen, Secretary of the Sporting Shooter Association of New Zealand, said it had long been the organisation's view the reason why police were facing more armed offenders was because officers lacked the resources to apprehend armed criminals and gangs.


"It would seem reasonable to anticipate that this strengthening of the police will lead to the recovery of more stolen property and firearms in particular," Cregeen said.

"We further hope that this increase in support staff will lead to improved efficiency of firearms administration, which has been sadly lacking over the past year, with long delays in processing licence and the various permit applications required by law."

The group also suggest more resources need to be provided to Customs to better secure New Zealand's boarder against the illegal importation of firearms and other contraband.

"This organisation would like to see these additional police resources employed in targeting real criminals rather than making up new rules and regulations that only impact the law abiding members of society."

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said he would talk with his executive team and District Commanders about where the staff will go.

"We will let the public know when we have more information. While the actual numbers are still to be decided, all districts will be receiving new staff," Mr Bush said.