A Huntly man's apparent lacklustre attitude about his laundry frustrated his brother so much that he pulled a carving fork and stabbed him.

Chase Abraham Davis, 22, and his brother were doing their laundry on the afternoon of December 7, 2015 when, court documents show, Davis "became agitated" at the pace his brother was doing his washing.

The brothers, who live in the house with nine other family members, started abusing each other and then got physical.

They began pushing and shoving each other and then Davis lunged at his brother in the kitchen, and tried to tackle him to the ground.


The victim fought back and punched Davis, who then grabbed a large, two-prong carving fork and began swinging it in a "round house" fashion.

The knife cut the victim under the armpit, creating a loud popping sound and causing two substantial puncture wounds.

Davis then dropped the fork and ran outside.

An ambulance was called and the brother's injuries eventually healed.

Davis appeared before Judge Glen Marshall in the Hamilton District Court today for sentencing on a charge of wounding with reckless disregard for the safety of others.

Judge Marshall sentenced him to six months' home detention and ordered him to complete courses for drugs, alcohol and violence.