A Dunedin man has admitted violating another man while he was walking home after a night out.

Alex Aleti Seu, 30, appeared in the Dunedin District Court this morning where he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual violation and three of indecent assault.

It is understood the victim was walking home from a night in Dunedin's city centre on June 26 last year when the more serious attack happened near the Captain Cook Hotel.

Seu — who is transgender — had name suppression to protect "fair-trial rights", but his lawyer Sarah Saunderson-Warner said that no longer applied.


Judge Michael Turner then lifted name suppression.

The three indecent assaults happened over eight days against two victims in August last year, while Seu was on bail.

When the victims came forward with the new sexual allegations against the defendant, he was remanded in custody.

Seu will stay behind bars following today's hearing, until his sentencing date in March.