The Kiwi inventor of the hamburger holder known as a "doofer" is battling multiple sclerosis, and is raising money for stem cell treatment in Russia.

Roland Matthews, 47, has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, and a Givealittle page has been started to raise money so he can get treatment in Moscow.

In the description for the page, Matthews' family say he requires expensive treatment for a "better future" with his wife Andrea and 5-year-old daughter Isabella. So far $32,150 has been donated by 58 people.

"He can no longer, because of the many physical consequences of the disease, take part in even simple family pleasures such as taking Isabella to school, swimming lessons and walking the dogs."


Matthews is described as having worked for Fisher and Paykel and Talbot Technologies, and holds the patent for the "doofer" hamburger holder. The doofer is a cardboard cut out that folds together to make a hamburger holder and stop burger toppings from sliding out.

The page says symptoms of multiple sclerosis first appeared when Matthews was representing New Zealand as a skiier.

A Burger Fuel 'doofer'.
A Burger Fuel 'doofer'.

It claims the "only hope" for Matthews is stem cell treatment, which is being performed at the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre in Moscow.

The operation harvests Williams' stem cells, then treats, freezes and stores them. After undergoing chemotherapy, the stem cells are then reintroduced while his immune system recovers.

The page aims to raise $95,000, which will pay for medical and travel costs.

Any excess funds will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.