A Hawke's Bay couple have been hit by burglars three times in a month.

On January 10 the car was broken into, then five days later the garage and on Sunday the house was broken into.

The residents, who did not want to be named, recently moved to the region. They said contents had been pulled out, cupboards flung open, the television dropped and jewellery containers broken in to.

Police have advised the couple to leave everything as it is until they can look into it further.


This was just one of the many burglaries that were reported last weekend.

Acting Hawke's Bay area commander Inspector Andy Sloan said more than 20 burglaries had been reported in the area on from Friday to Sunday, including residential and commercial premises.

He said police are reviewing burglaries every 24 hours, hoping to get to all burgled residences and premises, despite the delays often between the burglaries and when they are reported.

He reaffirmed burglary was a high priority for police investigation, with it being rare for 24 hours to pass without a single burglary being reported.

He said burglaries tended to happen in spates, propelled by single burglars or small groups on a "spree", gathering momentum the longer they go without being caught.

"It is important we get them early," he said, adding that if people charged with burglary did get bail it would be with stringent conditions, with curfews, often overnight but extending to 24 hours for those targeting homes in the daytime.