A tiny Kiwi primary school that used Donald Trump's name to teach kids key competencies from the national curriculum after being inspired by his The Apprentice TV series has now ditched the system, saying he's no longer an appropriate role model.

A tiny New Zealand primary school that used Donald Trump to help children learn its key messages has now distanced itself from the controversial new US president, saying he is no longer an appropriate role model.

Mossburn School in Southland used the acronym of TRUMP to teach the key competencies from the national curriculum.

TRUMP stood for: Thinking, Relates to others, Understands messages, Manages themselves, and Participates and contributes.

The idea came after staff had watched Trump's TV series The Apprentice and liked how the property tycoon "had high expectations towards people applying competencies/skills to real-life situations".


The school's website said it expected its pupils to apply TRUMP in their day-to-day lives and everyday learning.

But now, as the children return to school tomorrow, new principal Rachel Peters confirmed to the Herald that the TRUMP acronym has been dropped.

"It's about choosing appropriate role models for our kids and given what's come out, I don't think that he is an appropriate role model for our children at the moment, so that's why we're making a move to look for something else that is more appropriate," Peters said.

The website has this morning removed all references to the businessman turned politician, although Peters said today that it hasn't been taught with the children for more than a year.

The decision to use the system had come before there was any negative press around him, Peters said.

TRUMP had aligned with the school values of CHARM: Communication, Honesty, Attitude, Responsibility, and Manners.

"They came up with this acronym but it's not appropriate any more given some of the stuff that has come out. So, as such, we had already made a decision to cut it," Peters said.

The school, which has a roll that fluctuates between around 50-70 pupils, is now coming up with an alternative acronym.

"The education of these kids is much more important than what is going on in politics in America," Peters added.

"[TRUMP] has been very successful but we don't want to breed children that are successful but possibly undermine other values."