Boxer-cross puppies have been plucked from a certain death near a Northland dump where they'd been abandoned in a black rubbish bag.

The gorgeous pups, pictured snuggling in a cardboard box, were rescued from ill-fate by the local Ahipara Dump worker.

A man found the pups inside a bag, which had been thrown into a drain across the road from the dump, local woman Poppy Yates said.

Yates said if the pups hadn't begun moving around they might never have been rescued.


"They were tied up in the black rubbish bag with clothes," she said. "The only reason he noticed the bag was because they were moving."

She said the man had kindly given the canine siblings his lunch.

"When I saw them they were sleeping, he'd put them into a box and fed them his lunch for the day."

She said the puppies were now with the local SPCA.

Yates had posted an image of the puppies to her local Facebook buy and sell page in the hopes they'd soon find their forever homes.

She wasn't able to take them in as she already had two dogs at home with her and her husband.

"I felt sick when I heard the puppies had been dumped, I'm really angry at this person."