A spate of thefts from 20 vehicles in Gore has police warning residents to think twice about the security of their cars.

Police said the thefts occurred overnight Monday in the Southland town.

About 20 vehicles, parked on roads and private properties, had windows broken or doors unlocked, leading to a "large amount of personal belongings and money" being stolen.

Police said the thieves were Naumai St, Coutts Rd, Pomona St, Irving St, Albany St, Preston St, Gorton St, Oldham St, Ashton St, River Tce, Waverly St, Wentworth St and Walker Cres.


"We recommend people always lock their vehicles, remove valuables where possible, but if they must be kept there, ensure they are out of sight," Gore Sergeant Clint Wright said.

"It is also worth considering installing a car alarm.

"Thieves are opportunistic so let's ensure we follow this advice and help put a stop to this invasive type of offending."

Police asked to hear from anyone who may have seen someone acting suspiciously, or an out-of-place vehicle along the targeted streets between 11pm-6am.

Members of the public may also find stolen property stashed in gardens or along the street, police said.

People can contact Gore Police on (03) 203 9300, or anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.