A South Auckland Subway fast food outlet has allegedly been robbed by the same person three weeks in a row.

Otahuhu Subway manager Vishal Chhikera told Fairfax an armed man wearing a black balaclava with a distinctive accent had come in, threatened staff, stolen cash and run off each week for the past three weeks.

The store is 50m from a police office at Harlech House, Otahuhu.

The first robbery was about 8pm on January 4, Chhikera told Fairfax. The man allegedly showed a knife to staff and took about $600 in cash.


The next incident was 8.40pm on January 11 and resulted in about $450 allegedly being stolen.

The final incident was about 4.30pm on January 20 where $400 was allegedly taken.

The store had upped its security as a result.

"We started locking the doors in the evening at 5pm and only buzzing in customers in if they didn't look threatening," Chhikera told Fairfax.

Chikkera was concerned for the store's future, however.

"We feel unsafe, and can't afford a security guard at $1000 a week, that's not how much money a franchisee makes.

"Staff are so panicked and stressed and they don't end up making any money anyway."

A Police spokeswoman confirmed police were investigating the three robberies.