A Napier man was humiliated after being denied an ice cream from McDonald's after going through the drive-through on his mobility scooter.

Wayne Sykes who only moved to the area recently was travelling home from Countdown in Napier with his groceries when he felt like a cooling treat.

"I had small change from the supermarket and the Napier McDonald's was just next door so I thought I would roll down there and get a $1 soft serve."

The 56-year-old arrived at the speaker, read out his request, and to his surprise got no answer.


He repeated his request for an ice cream and again there was silence.

"I then decided to drive to the window and do it that way. There were two girls standing there so I asked them again for an ice cream."

He said the girls told him twice that they don't serve people on mobility scooters.

Left angry and "pissed off" Mr Sykes went to the non automated door to speak to the manager.

After waiting a couple of minutes the 56-year-old gave up and decided to go home.

"I don't get it. I used to live in Gisborne and all the time McDonald's and Burger King would serve me. I won't be going back to Napier McDonald's that is for sure."

Once back at home Mr Sykes rung and spoke to the store manager.

"The manager apologised to me and said there was a complete misunderstanding and a mistake made by the girls."


A McDonald's spokesman supported this in a statement released yesterday.

"Initially the manager thought a person on a push scooter was in the drive-through, which would be safety risk. He quickly realised the person was on a mobility scooter and sought to find the customer and help them with their order," he said.

"The manager has since apologised to the customer and explained about the miscommunication."

When asked if McDonald's Napier would look in to getting automated doors for disabled or elderly people the spokesman said no.

"There is still wheelchair access and one of the staff members working will always help and let the person through. Some McDonald's have automated doors and others don't."

Despite the apology and explained misunderstanding Mr Sykes is standing by his decision not too return to the Napier McDonald's.

"I actually had a response from McDonald's in Taradale saying they would have served me but the only problem is I would be riding six miles for an ice cream, which is a bit ridiculous."