A Whakatane man and his child came face to face with three bandanna-clad gang members who held a double-barrelled shotgun to his head.

Police are investigating after the 33-year-old man, who had just picked up his child from a caregiver on Tuesday, was forced to stop his car when a silver sedan cut him off at an intersection.

Three men, all wearing bandannas, left their car and confronted the father, demanding to know what he was doing in the neighbourhood, police said.

One of the men produced a double-barrelled shotgun, which was held to the man's head.


The gang members then returned to their vehicle and left.

Police are investigating whether it is linked to a series of gang events from earlier in the day.

Residents reported hearing multiple gunshots and a number of vehicles have been damaged. Local shops closed their doors and people peeped out to the street watching what was happening. Facebook / Hemapo Kereama

Police said what the 33-year-old man experienced about 8.30pm was "simply unacceptable", and "the actions of these people put the whole community at risk".

"For a completely innocent man and his child to be the subject of threats and intimidation by gang members, especially when the threats involved a gun being held to his head, is unacceptable and police are determined to find those responsible," Detective Senior Sergeant John Wilson said.

"Likewise, those involved in the earlier incidents in Valley and Arawa roads where shots were fired and the lives of innocent bystanders put at risk need to be identified."

Several arrests were made after shots were fired at a Mongrel Mob funeral procession in Whakatane on Tuesday.

The body of Mongrel Mob member Tahu Kingi was being carried in a motorcade of about 100 vehicles, which were carrying other Kawerau-based members of the gang.

Police are seeking the help of the Whakatane community to identify the three men.