Little Bo-Peep, we have found your sheep.

Unfortunately, unlike the nursery rhyme, these six stray sheep found wandering alone in Drury today have not come home but have ended up at an animal shelter in South Auckland.

Keen to reunite the impounded flock with its owner, the shelter has put out an appeal to get the livestock back on to the farm.

"Little Bo Peep we have found your sheep!!!!


"If you know her or the owner please let them know her flock of sheep is at Manukau Animal Shelter," read the post on the lost pet register Facebook page.

The real-life Bo Peep is being asked to contact the Manukau Animal Shelter within seven days before they become the property of Auckland Council.

The council was called to an Auckland property after the owner found the mob.

The council's animal management south team leader, Alex Rodwell-Smith, said: "We collected the lost sheep and took them back to Manukau Animal Shelter.

"We're hoping to reunite the lost sheep with the rest of their flock and are planning to undertake door-knocking in the area to try and find out where they belong.''

Rodwell-Smith said if the sheep were not claimed within seven days, the council would re-home the animals.

"If anyone finds they are missing six sheep, they can contact Manukau Animal Shelter on (09) 261 8033.''