A two-week shoplifting spree netted a Whanganui woman more than $1000 worth of goods - and a day in court.

Jenny Whareaorere stole from a number of city centre stores by simply carrying goods outside, jumping into a car and speeding away.

In Whanganui District Court on Tuesday she pleaded guilty to five counts of shoplifting goods valued at under $500, shoplifting goods valued at $5, driving while suspended, wilful damage, wilful trespass, resisting arrest, breaching community work and breaching supervision.

Her crime spree began on October 8 with Rebel Sports. Whareaorere walked around the aisles, taking clothes off the racks and draping them over her arm. She then headed out the front door into a waiting car.


The next day she ran out of Black Bull Liquor after stealing a $35 bottle of vodka, and she repeated the process on October 14 with a friend, taking a number of children's garments from Farmers department store.

And on October 22, Whareaorere stole $200 worth of groceries and cleaning products from Countdown.

Later that day at Aramoho Four Square Whareaorere - who had previously been trespassed from Rebel Sports and Countdown - approached the counter to buy some Gatorade and corn chips when a staff member confronted her about money she owed the store. "Well, I'll just take these then," she replied and left without paying.

When police went to Whareaorere's home on November 4, she made a run for it but was cornered in her backyard.

When officers tried to grab her, she ripped her arm away and became aggressive, telling police "she didn't have to be arrested".

The officers told her that if she did not comply she would be Tasered.
She then appeared to comply but at the last moment again ripped her arm away.

"F*** off, I'm not getting arrested - I'm going to have a shower," she said.

Her lawyer, Richard Leith, said his client was remorseful, and the fact that she was 18 weeks pregnant should be taken into account.

Judge David Cameron sentenced Whareaorere to five months' home detention and six months' post-detention counselling and ordered her to pay $1272.11 in reparation.