Traffic was backed up while two men exchanged punches in a suspected road rage incident in Cambridge today.

Police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with the incident on Victoria St, near the Duke St roundabout, which occurred about midday.

He was been let off with a "pre-charge warning" and will not be appearing in court.

Matt Cummings, who works at the nearby Deli on the Corner, said a car was cut off by another vehicle as they emerged onto Victoria St from the roundabout.


The drivers of both vehicles tooted their horns, before both cars pulled over near the pedestrian crossing on Victoria St, in front of dozens of people having breakfast at adjacent cafes.

"One of the drivers got out and then as soon as he started going on over the other guy got out of his car and fists went flying.

"There was a fair bit of traffic because when they got out they just left their cars in the middle of the road."

"I wouldn't say it was too brutal; someone got punched in the face and they got a bloody nose but it went to ground pretty quick and a bunch of people stepped in and broke up the fight."

Cambridge was particularly busy at this time of year and many of those who witnessed the incident would have been tourists.

"People pass through all the time, especially too and from the beaches, so it's quite busy."