St John is seeking to finish its ongoing bargaining with First Union without finalising a collective agreement for employees, the union says.

St John Ambulance staff who are members of the First Union started a three month partial strike from Christmas Day, after collective agreement negotiations continued to break down.

Union spokesman Jared Abbott said he received confirmation today from the Employment Relations Authority today that St John had lodged an application to withdraw from bargaining.

Abbott claims St John spent less than two hours at the bargaining table and the service had never proposed terms for a collective agreement.


He said the news would only get more staff "off-side".

"Ambulance staff just want fair recognition for the hard work they do."

A St John spokeswoman said they were unable to respond to the claims tonight. They would consider the union's comments and respond on Monday.

Yesterday, it was revealed St John Ambulance officers who ditched their uniforms as part of ongoing strike action would have their pay docked by 10 per cent.

First Union represents more than 1000 St John staff.