Thanks to the city council for planting and taking care of about 90 pohutukawa trees in a row, on Highland Park Drive. Every December the street becomes full bloom red. Come enjoy a drive in my neighbourhood.
- Aspi

What is it with people who have to have loud music accompanying their every move? To the people on the launch in Pilot Bay on Boxing Day - all the hundreds of people who were trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon at the beach could hear you, as could the visitors off the Ovation of the Seas. It's questionable that many of us wanted to.
- Jillian

Big shout out to whoever decided to install the basketball hoop on Queens Wharf. It's great to watch so many use it. There is always a game being played, it's always being used. Excellent use of Queens Wharf.


On New Year's day early hours in the morning our car got broken into on Silverton Avenue. It's a grey Honda. My partner and I are young adults who are both working and saving towards our 21st birthdays this year. This is not a great start to our year, very frustrating!
- Paige


This lovely lady made the start of 2017 very positive when it could've easily been a disaster! Left my bag with phone, wallet et al behind at Shakespeare Cliff today near Cooks Beach. Audrey stayed and looked after my bag until my husband realised I had left it behind and went back to get it. Wishing you all the best for 2017.
- Catherine

We've just returned from our holiday in LA, at the airport checking in and going through security a rude lady jumped the queue in front of me. What made it worse is that she had a child with her and her little boy, who was probably 9 or 10, had actually lined up at the back. But nope this lady called her son telling him to do the same.

He didn't move an inch and refused to listen to his mother. Good on him! I then pointed out to the lady where the line actually began. She told me to go back to my own country. I laughed and said "gladly lady, let's hope you have better manners if you visit mine!" She wasn't impressed when I pulled a pukana face, but others in line were.
- Aroha
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3 Jan, 2017 10:00am
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