Photo work brings nude shock

Sophie Hambleton


Carol O'Driscoll in westside.

What was your summer job when you were at school/uni, and what did it entail?


At high school I worked in a photography shop, processing people's photos and selling cameras, and before that I worked at Lollipops Playland. During drama school I worked at Lone Star as a waitress.

How/why did you end up working there?

All three times I just walked in and asked for a job!

What did you like/not like about it?

I loved earning my own money and I hated, "The customer is always right ... "

Did you have any embarrassing moments working there, and if so what happened?

Processing this lady's nude photos and then she came in to pick them up holding hands with a man who was NOT the same man in the photos. I was only 15 at the time!

Another time I slipped over in some cake dressed as the giant Lollipops the cat! The costume was awful, it was always damp from other people's sweat.

What was your dream job at that age?

At that age, being a pop star with my best friend. We even had our own pop duo! It kind of is still my dream job!