Trendsetter Winston Peters ended 2016 offering to be the first man to re-enter Pike River.

Our oldest, longest serving MP, once again setting the standard, this time for walking the talk.

His "walking the talk" should become the thing for 2017.

Former Prime Minister John Key should retire to McGehan Close.


Prime Minister Bill English should attempt to farm under the Resource Management Act.

Labour leader Andrew Little should start a business with his own money and hire someone.

The Greens should forswear fossil fuels. It would mean no cell phones, lattes or fancy clothes.

We could parachute Gerry Brownlee into Iraq.

We should make Middle East peace expert Murray McCully the Member for the West Bank.

The possibilities that Peters has opened up are endless and exciting.

Our political leaders would have skin in the game. It's one thing pushing others down a mine; it's quite another being first in.

Charter Schools would be the norm if politicians sent their children to the worst schools in the country.


Waiting in pain on a health waiting list would be a thing of the past once MPs experienced it: they would quickly fund the private sector to provide the needed care.

The principle of politicians first-in, last out would revolutionise politics especially in law and order.

Crime statistics would no longer be cold, hard numbers if politicians lived amidst the fear and anger of crime-ridden streets.

Peters has put his finger on the problem with modern politics.

Politicians have become remote from the troubles their failed policies inflict.

Not for them the rough neighbourhoods and the worry of how to make the payroll this week.

They don't have their lives and businesses hanging by a thread through a screwed up resource consenting process.

MPs listen to people's problems but don't live them.

We would do better if our politicians were more real.

Peters' offer is revolutionary. We don't need a referendum or a wildcard President.

We just need Winston Peters down that mine.

His offer is one thing; doing it is another.